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Recommended Items




Fish Oil


Glucosamine Powder


Fromm Large Dog and Puppy Kibble (Least amount of Recall)


                                         Comfort Items



Dog Raised Cot


Crate/Kennel Metal

Plastic Kennel (Travel)

Crate Pad

                                         Training Tools



Fur Saver Collar (Keeps dogs fur and hair mark free from collar)


Herm Sprenger Training Prong Collar (Great training tool)

Harness with Patch area


Leather Leash For Prong Collar


Leather Leash


Muzzle Basket or Cloth


Long Lead for Training

Puppy Sling





Games for Stimulation


Agility Course

Spot Fence on the go fence using smart phone


Treat Pouch


Jolly Ball Toy (Durable)


Football Toy (Durable)


Planet Ball Orbee (Durable)


Kong toys

Flirt pole...with attached prey toy

                                                                                            Car Items

Dog Ramp (Keeps dogs Joints healthy and safe at any age...Puppy-hood - senior.

Car Seat protector Suv


Bucket seat protector




Natures Miracles


Keep your home clean and sanitized

Spot Treatment Carpet cleaner


Hand Vac for car or boat has pet attachment hair cleaner for Seats


Vehicle Decal of GSD

                                           Grooming Items

Under Coat Rake

Slicker Brush

Metal Comb

DeMatting Tool (For Long Coats)

Nail Trimmers

Nail Dremel

Styptic Powder (Stops nail bleeding)

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