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Von Frohnhoefer East/DDR Line German Shepherds

Una Rieka Von Nordosten

Jango Konigsdorf

Breeding is Complete


                       Looking for  Guardian Homes

                         female and male puppies.        


             Guardian home must be an 1 1/2 hrs or less away.

                     If interested call 518-423-2664                                                  Serious Inquires Only!



        3 Spots available on waiting list




Puppies Due 6/23/24

Una has an excellent temperament, she has a calm disposition and great in all situations she has been put in. Low/Med drive. Una's pedigree lines have strong DDR lines.

Pennhip Prelims Report reads slightly above breed standard. Unas read is 0.41.
Breed Standard is 0.42.

OFA  Negative both Elbows of dysplasia 

DM Clear
Stud will have a great disposition, and has solid nerves. He will be the whole package. His temperament will be all you would expect from a East/DDR line. Body structure robust and nice head. The pedigree will be outstanding
Pedigree Coming Soon!!

                                  Una Rieka Von Nordosten/BreedingTo be Announced 


                             Looking for  Guardian Homes for a female and male puppies.        

                                Guardian home must be an 1 1/2 hrs or less away.

                             If interested call 518-423-2664 serious inquires only!

Loving Mama Una Last Litter 



                                        My roll over breeding families have priority 



Vala Mira VonFrohnhoefer


Bruce Vom MK Haus

                                         Vala Mira Von Frohnhoefer

                                         Puppies were born 7/29/23 

           Looking for  Guardian homes for female and Male  puppies.            Guardian home must be an 1 1/2 hrs or less away.

                                  If interested call 518-423-2664

                                          serious inquires only!

                                          All Puppies Spoken For

Vala is out of Una/Slobodan past breeding 


Vala is a fun loving girl, she likes to work and has a great disposition. Vala is motivated by her people, has a great ball and food drive. Great at her on off switch once inside. Medium drive. 
Heavy DDR lines 

Bruce Vom MK Haus.jpg

Bruce Vom MK Haus is a well tempered biddable stud. Lovable boy with nice drive. Structure is beautiful with great bones! Parents are both titled. 


Pennhip Findings:
Distraction Index (DI): Right DI 0.48= and Left DI= 0.53
Osteoarthritis (OA): No Radiographic evidence of OA for either hip
Cavitation/other findings: No cavitation present

DM Clear



                      For more information  on our Upcoming Breeding 

                                Please contact Melissa @518-423-2664 




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