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Puppy Essentials:

This list is here to help you with all your basic needs. See my recommended page for full list of items. Most items can be purchase on Amazon links are  provided.  

Here are a few very important arrangements you have to make & think about before bringing your puppy home!

  • Time to come home for potty breaks (Puppies need to go to the bathroom and have outside time.) If your puppy is 8 weeks old they should have a potty break every 2-3 hours.

  • Dog Service and pet sitter for let outs, playtime and walks.

  • Veterinarian and appointment set up for puppy. Initial puppy check (Before 72 hrs and puppy 1st check) 

  • Trainer or appointment with me for training. (I can't stress this enough puppies and dogs need training)


Time, love and patients for your new fur family member. Puppies and dogs take a lot of your time up. Before deciding to bring a puppy/dog in your life, make sure you can give them the love and time they deserve. I like to say "Dogs are kids that never grown up and leave home"! Make sure you have the time and patients before making the choice to bring a puppy or dog in your life. ​

Crate/Kennel Metal


Flat puppy collar (puppy age)


Nylon handed leash (puppy age)

Water and food bowls 


Fish Oil                          ie=UTF8&psc=1

Long Lead for Training


Treat Pouch


Natures Miracles

Harness with Patch area

Nail Trimmers

Styptic Powder (Stops nail bleeding)

Under Coat Rake

Slicker Brush

Metal Comb

Tooth Brush and coconut oil for brushing teeth

Toys of many textures: (In door and Out door toys see recommended page)

Please note that soft plush toys and rope toys should only be played with supervision. These toys can be ingested and become lodged in their intestines. I have heard of many sad stories from dogs being very sick, expensive surgeries and even death. When crating use only chew safe toys. 

                                                      Young Puppy and adulthood

Leather Leash For Prong Collar (Young puppy-adulthood)


Leather Leash (Young puppy-adulthood)


Fur Saver Collar (Keeps dogs fur and hair mark free from collar) (Young puppy-adulthood)


Herm Sprenger Training Prong Collar (Great training tool) (Young puppy-adulthood)

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