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Puppy Essentials:

Preparing for Your New Puppy

This list is here to help you with all your basic needs. See my recommended page for a full list of items. Most items can be purchased on Amazon; links are provided.

Essential Arrangements Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

  1. Time Management for Potty Breaks

    • Puppies need to go to the bathroom and have outside time. If your puppy is 8 weeks old, they should have a potty break every 2-3 hours.

  2. Dog Services

    • Arrange for a pet sitter or dog service to help with let-outs, playtime, and walks.

  3. Veterinarian Appointments

    • Schedule an initial puppy check-up (within the first 72 hours) and set up ongoing appointments for vaccinations and health checks.

  4. Training

    • Book a trainer or an appointment with me for training. Training is crucial for your puppy's development and behavior.

  5. Time, Love, and Patience

    • Puppies and dogs require a lot of time and attention. Ensure you can provide them with the love and care they need. Remember, "Dogs are kids that never grow up and leave home." Make sure you're ready for the commitment before bringing a puppy or dog into your life.


                                         **********All Items below have links to click on to purchase*********          



Collars and Leashes

Bowls and Feeding

Training Tools

Safety and Cleaning

Grooming Supplies

Other Supplies

Young Puppy to Adulthood Supplies



Dog Beds and Cots

Dog Beds

Training Cots/Raised Beds

Ecollar for Training

Training Ecollars

Bark Collar

Contact Points


Tooth Brush and coconut oil for brushing teeth

Toy Safety for Your Puppy

Important Note: Soft plush toys and rope toys should only be used under supervision. These toys can be ingested and cause serious health issues, including intestinal blockages. There have been many unfortunate cases of dogs becoming very sick, requiring expensive surgeries, or even dying due to ingesting these toys.

Crating Tip: When your puppy is in their crate, use only chew-safe toys. This ensures they stay safe and avoid any potential hazards.

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