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This is my Grandmother.... this is where it all started


Hi! My name is Melissa Frohnhoefer, and I am the proud owner of Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds. My passion for animals has been a lifelong journey, deeply rooted in my family's history. I was born and raised in Clifton Park, New York, on a working farm where we cared for many animals. It was my grandmother who first ignited our family's love for the German Shepherd Dog many years ago, and she passed this passion down to my parents.

I am honored to continue this legacy as a third-generation German Shepherd enthusiast and breeder. My hope is to instill the same love and devotion in my boys, making it four generations dedicated to these incredible dogs.

At Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds, we strive to breed healthy, well-tempered DDR/East Line German Shepherds that can become loving family members, companions, or working dogs. Thank you for being a part of our journey and sharing in the love for this remarkable breed.

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