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       Una Reika Von Nordosten

Una Reika Von Nordosten/Atilla vom Kiloro
Should be expecting a puppies Dec. 1st 2022

       Vala Mira Von Frohnhoefer


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Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds 


Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds is located in Ballston Lake, NY. My breeding program is a small scaled program that breeds for quality not quantity. I am striving for quality DDR/East Line German Shepherds that are healthy with sound temperaments. I feed biologically appropriate food to my females and puppies to promote good overall health. I use my Good Living Skill Training Program and games to produce solid temperaments. I am breeding puppies that can become loving family members, companions or working dogs. My goal is to preserve the DDR lines through selective breeding.



Other ways, I am striving to improve my DDR/East German Shepherd Program is to educate my puppy family's on:


  •  Nutrition starts with feeding Biologically Appropriate Food to puppies and dogs. By feeding raw quality foods it makes the hormone serotonin plentiful. Serotonin is produced in the brain and stomach. Feeding raw food makes for a happier and healthier puppy/dog. 


  •   Mental and Physical Stimulation is a must to provide a happy, rich and healthy life for our puppies/dogs. It is accomplished through age appropriate exercise, skill building, appropriate/controlled socialization and games. Games build a bond, confidence, create calmness and helps with impulse control. Don't forget training, skill building and game playing are a lifetime occurrence. 

  • Building a Relationship with my forever puppy family is important to me as a breeder. I am a breeder that wants to have an open relationship with my forever puppy families, regardless the circumstance. I will be there to help with advice, questions or guidance. Whether it be training advice or potential concern. I look forward to hear all about you and your puppies/dogs accomplishments/adventures throughout their lives!



Bonding Games 

Goals for Bonding Games:

  • Create a bond with your puppy/dog.

  • Reinforces skills through play.

  • Stimulates mind and body.

  • Improve focus, confidence, calmness and impulse control. 

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           Basic and Advance            Good Living Skills

Goals for Skill Building:

  • Learn good behavior.

  • Teaches them what is expect of them, which leads to a happy and well tempered dog. 

  • Keeps them safe.

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Goals for Situational Training:​

  • Teach ways to eliminate undesired behavior.

  • Proper integration of other pets to a household.

  • Boundary and E Fence training. 

  • Reinforcement  Training

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Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds

East/DDR Working Lines

                     Breeder of DDR/East German Lines

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Una Rieka Von Nordosten 


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Atilla vom Kiloro


              If all goes well
Expecting Puppies Dec 1st 22'

Atilla's Picture Coming Soon

Reserved List is Full
Taking Waiting List 

Una Rieka Von Nordosten 

Una has a excellent temperament and a loving disposition. Unas drive is medium, body structure is long/lean. Coat type is short and tight. Una has a rich and stunning black/Dark sable coat. Beautiful head and ear structure that is typical of the DDR/East Line. Her pedigree is Excellent.
Pennhip: Prelim Report reads slightly above breed standard. Unas read is 0.41
Breed Standard is 0.42 
OFA: Elbows Negative of dysplasia
DM: Clear

Atilla vom Kiloro

Atilla vom Kiliro has a great disposition, and has solid nerves. He is the whole package. His temperament is all you would expect from East/DDR lines. Body structure is medium, nice head and proper  body structure. His pedigree is outstanding.

OFA: Hips Good/ Elbows Normal

DM: Clear


Puppies from 4/20/22


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Vala Mira Von Frohnhoefer/Enno Stasi
Breeding coming Summer of 2023