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Welcome to Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds

Breeder of DDR/East German Lines               

Trainer of ALL Breed Dogs

At Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds, our goal is to produce dogs that can be loving family members, companions, or working dogs. We are committed to preserving the DDR lines through selective breeding and providing the best care and training for our puppies and dogs.

About Us

Located in Ballston Lake, NY, Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds is dedicated to breeding quality DDR/East Line German Shepherds. Our focus is on producing healthy dogs with sound temperaments through a small-scale, quality-focused program. I am working toward a coaching certification on raw and lightly cooked dog food feeding.

I am also a family puppy/dog trainer of all breeds.


We feed biologically appropriate food to our females and puppies, promoting good health and well-being. Raw, quality foods boost serotonin production, leading to happier and healthier dogs. I am in the process to becoming a raw/lightly cooked certified dog feeding nutritional coach. 

Mental and Physical Training:
I offer family dog
training of all breeds and ages. Training includes in person and virtual balanced puppy/dog training classes and courses Age-appropriate exercise, training, skill-building, controlled socialization, and games are crucial for a happy, rich puppy/dog life. These activities build bonds, confidence, calmness, and impulse control. Training and skill-building are lifelong commitments.

Building Relationships:
We value open relationships with our puppy families, offering continuous support and guidance. Whether it's training advice or addressing concerns, we're here for you. We love hearing about your puppies' achievements and adventures!

Contact Us:
Phone: 518-423-2664

Breeding Complete

  • Una Reika Von Nordosten
    Breeding the last week in April
    Stud to be announced

  • Looking for Guardian Homes for female and male puppies
    Guardian homes must be less than 1 hour away

Serious inquiries only: Call 518-423-2664

       Una Reika Von Nordosten

Jango Konigsdorf

Puppies Due June 23rd

                Contact by phone 518-423-2664       

Vala Mira Von Frohnhoefer/Bruce Vom MK Haus 
                             Past 2023 Litter

       Vala Mira Von Frohnhoefer


Puppies  born 7/29/23


Bruce Vom MK Haus

Bruce Vom MK Haus.jpg

Training Classes Offered

  • Workshop:

    • Cooperative Care

    • Leadership 

  • Programs:

    • Basic Skills

    • Intermediate Skills

    • Advanced Skills

    • Loose Leash Walking

    • Muzzle Training

    • Place/Mat Skill

    • E Collar Training

    • Situational Training

Want more information? Please click on my training page. Interested in learning more?
Text or call Melissa at 518-423-2664



Bonding Games 

Goals for Bonding Games:

  • Create a bond with your puppy/dog.

  • Reinforces skills through play.

  • Stimulates mind and body.

  • Improve focus, confidence, calmness and impulse control. 

Call For Pricing 

           Basic and Advance            Good Living Skills

Goals for Skill Building:

  • Learn good behavior.

  • Teaches them what is expect of them, which leads to a happy and well tempered dog. 

  • Keeps them safe.

Call For Pricing 


Goals for Situational Training:​

  • Teach ways to eliminate undesired behavior.

  • Proper integration of other pets to a household.

  • Boundary and E Fence training. 

  • Reinforcement  Training

Call For Pricing 


Von Frohnhoefer German Shepherds 

New for 2024:

  • K-9 Raw & Cooked Nutrient Course
    (Taught by a retired Holistic Vet)

  • Coaching on Raw or Cooked Diets for your puppy/dog

  • Monthly Orders for Grass-Fed and Finished Organ Meat
    Options include Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Lamb

Start Your Puppy/Dog on the Right Paw

Now Offering NuVet Vitamins
Delivered right to your home! I use these vitamins for all of my females, males, and puppies.

  • NuVet Supports:

    • Immune system

    • Made from human-grade ingredients

    • Formulated to combat free radicals

Save money by ordering in bulk and enjoy free shipping on orders of 12 full-size bottles (mix and match between NuVet wafers, powder, and NuJoint products).

Click here to order NuVet vitamins for your upcoming puppy/adult dog at home!

Heika Volka Von Frohnhoefer

7 Months Old 

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